What I'm Wearing - 4/9/10

50 F
 This is an outfit I wear on a very casual day, when I'm feeling kind of lazy. It's not exactly on the cutting edge of fasion, but the floral details, my signature riding boots, and some chunky necklaces add some character to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

jeans: urban outfitters
cami: macy's
cardigan: ann taylor loft
necklaces: juicy couture and local boutique (fashion tomato)
boots: steve madden

You can't tell very well from the picture, but my make-up is purple toned. A lavender eyeshadow and purple eyeliner make my brown eyes pop and keep my face looking bright, instead of blending into the beige tones of the outfit.

Hair is back in a braided bun, held with a hair fork from 60th St.  

coat: vintage j.crew (hand-me-down from my mom)
scarf: gift from friend

I've had a full schedule lately, due to school and some busy weekends spent helping my boyfriend find a place to live. After over a month of searching, he's finally found a place! I'm hoping that I'll get back on schedule with blogging now that a decision has been reached and that things have settled down. =]

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