What I'm Wearing 8/1/10

You know you've missed these...
85 F, sunny
2 pm drinks (what? don't judge!)

Cuffed capris: Mavi jeans
Flowy top: Wet Seal
Espadrilles: BCBGirls
Earrings: Pink Ice (IIRC)

I pulled my hair back into a low side ponytail and curled it using a curling iron. I am so envious of people that have hair that doesn't fall! I realize that part of my problem is that at waist length, my hair is so long that it weighs itself down a lot - a few years ago when it was shoulder length, it held a curl easier. But even still, I can't seem to get it to stay more than an hour or so when I curl it. I think I'm going to ask for a steam setter for my birthday, which is coming up next month. Steam setters supposedly set even stubborn hair into curls. It's worth a shot for me!  

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