What I'm Wearing - 8/4/10

75 F, rainy

Well the good news is that now I'm back at school and at my apartment full time, I'm around my "good" wardrobe (I keep mostly older/out of season/blah clothes at my parents') and have more time for blogging.

The bad news is that today's outfit is basically just a reprise of yesterday's outfit, which is kind of boring. But I'm posting it anyway. There are a lot of style blogs out there where people only post an especially interesting/novel/quirky outfit that they've created. However, this is not one of those blogs. Rather than show how creative I can get in putting clothes together, I'm more interested in showing how it's possible to develop a cohesive look from day to day, and how to use and re-use the same clothes and limited wardrobe in interesting ways. I guess it's because this is something that I'm currently struggling with, and I've had a hard time finding inspiration in this vein. (I think I've finally found some good inspiration though, which I will share later!)

I often wonder what those bloggers wear the other 80% of the time on the days they don't blog. And I also wonder where they wear some of their outfits to. And do they ever wear the same top twice? Because they don't document it in their pictures. Don't get me wrong; I'm not attacking that type of blog, and I've certainly garnered a lot of inspiration from them. But my aim is to answer some of those questions for my readers, which is why I always include what the weather was like when I got dressed, and where I wore my outfit. I guess this blog looks at fashion from a more practical, rather than artistic, viewpoint. Just to be different and helpful. 

That was a long explanation. Anyways, like I said, today's outfit was similar to yesterday's because it rained again today, and I wanted to wear my pink and blue rainboots again. So I ended up wearing another short skirt, and another top with pink and ruffles. Still turned out cute though. Without further ado, the pics!


tank top: nordstrom bp
flower earrings: nordstrom bp
ruffled mini skirt: express
sweatshirt (for the airconditioning): roxy, purchased at tj maxx
rain boots: rampage (from ebay)
pearl bracelet: forever 21
umbrella: chicago chinatown

I just learned how to do a top knot bun, like, yesterday. I've thought they're so cute for awhile now, so I looked up how to do it online, and decided to try out the style today - perfect, since my hair goes wonky in the rain anyways. I think it turned out adorable, yeah? =]

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