What I'm Wearing - 9/18/10

Man, have I been slacking on this blog! I've just been focused on other things. I'm taking the GRE soon, and I've been preparing for the start of school - which was today! Also, my boyfriend is in the process of remodeling his condo, and my mom is an interior designer, so she and I have been helping him make decisions, which has involved multiple trips to IKEA and meetings with contractors, etc. 

And also, my buddy for over the past year passed away last week. Here is Ajax, aka my "leetle guy" - I nicknamed him when I first got him, before he grew a bunch. 

He looks a little limp in these pictures because these were taken a few hours after he died.
Here's a pic taken of him while he was alive. He outgrew this bowl, and I had to buy him a big aquarium eventually. 

He was a smart crayfish. One morning, I woke up and Ajax wasn't in his bowl. My boyfriend and I panicked and started tearing my room apart - crayfish can only live about 6 hours out of water, and we weren't sure how long he had been out of his bowl. After an hour of searching my apartment, James found Ajax out in my living room, underneath the TV furniture, trying to climb up a power strip. He had gotten really far! After that I made sure to keep a lid on his bowl, until I could get him a big aquarium a couple weeks later. =] 

I think he just died of old age. So it's a bummer, but that's how life goes. My birthday is in a few days, and I think I'll be getting a new crayfish as one of my gifts. 

Anyways, sorry for getting distracted. I have a bunch of outfit posts coming up! So without further ado, this is what I wore to go out with James for our one-year anniversary a few days ago. We went to see a movie ("Going the Distance") and then afterwards went to Buffalo Wild Wings, because it was two doors down from the theater, and one of the few places still open and serving food at 11:30 pm. Not that romantic, but we had a great time, good drinks, and flowing conversation. I got him the Banana Republic coat that I had been eyeing, and he got me a shutterfly album full of pictures he took of our first year together! It was really sweet. 

55 F

I have a lot of thigh chub in these photos - I think the angle was a bit awkward.

I curled my hair for the occasion. I'm thinking of putting layers in my hair for more volume around my face and the top of my head. 

^boyfriend in background, teehee!

yellow trapeze sweater: lord & taylor
white t-shirt: j.crew
wide leg high-waisted jeans: seven for all mankind (purchased at tjmaxx)
beige oxfords: miss me (from endless.com)
green gem bracelet: local boutique (vintage charm)
rings: gift and topshop

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